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Clear Vision Cam™


5 Star Review

"This is my 4th trail cam and this CapturePerfect camera is awesome. Picture quality during the day is great and at night very good. This is truly an Outstanding trailcam and better than most that cost twice the price"

James from Texas

CapturePerfect doesn’t miss anything from the scenery. With its wide view and infrared sensorsCapturePerfect detects and records wildlife in all its detail.

24/7 Surveillance : This wildlife camera features super night vision, so can be used  all throughout the night. The built-in infrared sensors allow it to detect the movements of wild animals as soon as they enter the detecting range.

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The 12MP camera creates crystal clear images at anytime of day. You can mount it anywhere to record animals in their natural state. CapturePerfect works under the most extreme weather conditions.

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EASY TO USE: This hunting camera is extremely easy to use and requires zero setup and assembly. The camera comes preset with the most optimal settings so you can start using it straight out of the box for hunting, wildlife monitoring or even home security.

CapturePerfect is the best wildlife recorder there is. Capture every detail in quality and color in 1080P.

What Makes CapturePerfect So Good?

Breathtaking footage- Observe wildlife as if they are in front of you. The 1080P quality captures crystal clear images day and night.

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Captures every detail- The 3 infrared sensors detect movement instantly. Every animal passing by will be captured in detail.


WIDE ANGLE LENS: The upgraded camera lens enables you to see the entire area and captures 12 MP clear images and HD 1080P video during day (color) and night (black and white), to ensure every detail will be captured.

Works no matter what- CapturePerfect is durable under any weather condition. It saves all the footage and sets up firmly to trees. 


  • Waterproof: IP 54
  • Night Vision: 940nm IR leds
  • Photo Resolution: 12mp
  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Operating Temperature: -44F-, +104F
  • Max Night Vision Lighting Distance: 70ft/21m

5 Star Review

"Captureperfect is the best trail camera I've ever used. Its quality and performance exceeds most of the high-priced well-known brand trail game cams. I was very impressed with its excellent photo and video"

~ Brandon from Kentucky