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THE ULTIMATE SLEEPING MAT is ideal for any camping, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, or kayaking trip!

There is something so calming and romantic about sleeping under the stars. Unfortunately, sleeping on the cold, hard ground can also lead to uncomfortable nights and stiffness in the morning.

The best days in the outdoors start with a good night’s sleep, and The Ultimate Sleeping Mat will make all the difference in the quality of your rest!

No matter what type of adventurer you are, this ultra-lightweight sleeping mat is easy to carry and won’t weigh you down. It can be folded down to the size of a water bottle and conveniently stored in your bag without taking up much space.


This is why you are going to love our ULTIMATE SLEEPING MAT :

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Ultra Lightweight: The typical outdoor mattress weighs 1-2kg! Ridiculous. With a finished product weight of only 430 grams, we made it our goal to minimize the weight of our mattress as much as possible. 


Terrific for all-terrain types so it doesn’t matter where you set up camp, you’ll still be comfortable

Ergonomically designed, multi-layer system This mattress is specially designed with high-quality dual-layered material that allows for a warm and comfortable sleep so that you can wake up feeling totally refreshed and reenergized. No more suffering from backaches and neck pain every time you go camping because this 2.2-inch thick sleep support provides the cushion you need for a great night’s sleep on any terrain.

Contains 144 insulated flexible air cells that contour to the exact shape of your body to prevent backaches, stiffness, and neck pain

Easy to inflate jest 10-12 puffs and it's ready to use

Waterproof and windproof

Built-in pillow provides proper cushion for your head and neck, which is critical to your comfort and sleep

Designed for side or back sleepers so you will wake refreshed and ready no matter how you like to lay



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