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“It’s amust-have survival tool. It comes in handy andkeeps you safe in unprecedented times.” - Mark, Former US Navy, and Pro Survivalist"

Emergency Multifunctional Survival Bag  

Stay alive and prepared in this unprecedented time with our Emergency Multifunctional Survival Bag! With multiple benefits and different ways to use, it is designed to help you stay warm and alive if you plan on going out in this pandemic. Keep in your vehicle and be prepared everywhere you go! 

It’s the one thing every survival pro will tell you to grab first when leaving for an adventure.

National Survivalism Awareness Day

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The Survival Bag™ provide you with more benefits than just keeping you warm. Here are just 4 ways you can use the Survival Bag™. The rest is up to your creativity.

✅ Emergency Blanket- If you're feeling cold outside, no matter where you're at you can always wrap it around yourself and use it as a blanket to keep you warm. It's especially useful in a first-aid kit if someone is going into shock. 

✅ Emergency Shelter - You can even use it to create a shelter or a tent. The material is waterproof so it will protect you from rain or wet snow. If you are in a cold weather situation, take advantage of the shiny side of the blanket to reflect heat from a campfire back to you. 

✅ Emergency Sleeping Bag - Forget to bring your sleeping bag out? Simply just take the survival bag out and use it as a sleeping bag! The special PE material will reflect 90% of your body's heat to keep you warm. 

✅ Liner For Sleeping Bag - The Survival Bag™ will add valuable extra degrees of warmth to your current sleeping bag if you use it as your a sleeping bag liner.    

Due to constant email asking for an extension, we are extending the offer for another day and giving everyone one last chance. 

Grab it before its gone forever! 

Once gone, come back again in December 2020.

Multiple Benefits

✅ Packed, it’s smaller than a can of soda - but opened it’s 210 cm long and 90 cm wide making it 1 of the most portable and versatile survival tool. 

✅ Store it literally anywhere - Leave 1 in your car glove box, home closet, back pack, pocket or anywhere you see fit to stay prepared in case of an emergency. 

✅ Stay warm - Both shell and lining are made of high-quality PE and thanks to the high-quality materials, 90% of the heat your body emits will come right back to you. That’s extremely important when your body is in shock. 

✅ Ultralight and compact - Weighs only 110g which is less than a smartphone, so lightweight is an understatement - You can carry it at all times.  

Emergency Survival Bag™ Instructional Video (How To Use)

Made For Survival

✅ Signal for help - It is in bright orange color, making it easy for rescuers to spot you in case of an unexpected emergency. 

✅ Stay cool- it can also reflect heat away from you. If you're in a tent, and the sun is bearing down on you, put the blanket shiny-side-up on top of the tent and the survival bag will reflect heat away keeping you cool! 

✅ Durable and strong material- Made of tear-resistant polyethylene, it is very durable and strong. 

✅ 100% Waterproof and windproof - It keeps your body warm and provide you with full protection in all weather.  


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

"Good item to have for emergency"

"This is a good item to have for emergency situations particularly during bad weather. I particularly chose this item for the price and size. I am using it as part of the emergency kits for our automobiles. It is also great for camping and for go bags."- Micheal L. , 46  

"Works perfectly!"

"A cousin of mine is a mountaineer, and he asked me if I can give him something useful during camping. I came across the sleeping bags, and this catches my attention the most. They are too small, and I don't think he will like it, but I bought it anyway. I was giggling when I gave it to him. He was curious and when he opened it he was amazed. He said it is very convenient and it will reduce the weight of the bag that he'll carry. In case of an emergency. I hope there would be a variety of color for us to pick. Nevertheless, it works perfectly."- Helms , 35  

"Great product!"

This blanket is very long. I was not able to see the width because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fold it back up, but it seemed to be several folds wide. The whistle also works very well. Perfect size for the glove box in the car and to take hiking/camping. Great product!- V Gonzales, 57  

2x Survival Bags

Try it out! Satisfaction guaranteed or 100% refund. 

 Please note: 1 quantity contains 2 packs! ($35.98)  


Survival Bag x 2

$17.99 each 


4x Survival Bags

Stock up and stay safe while you're outdoors! 

 Please note: 1 quantity contains 4 packs! ($59.96)  


Survival Bag x 4

$14.99 each



8 Packs 

This bundle is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast! Get it for your friends and family and stay safe!

Please note: 1 quantity contains 8 packs! ($95.92)  


Survival Bag x 8

 $11.99 each 


Why Must You Buy This?

✅ If you want to stay safe from brutal winds and rain 

✅ If you want to protect yourself from the number 1 danger in the wilderness - Cold

✅ If nature is calling and you want to have an undisturbed experience

✅ If you always think - safety first


[✔] Tear-resistant, weather-resistant

[✔] Fully waterproof 

[✔] Installed in seconds 

[✔] Ultra lightweight 110g 

[✔] Made of best PE Coating 

[✔] Life Saver 

[✔] Multiple Use


I'm a big sized man. Will it fit me?

This survival bag will fit 99.9% of the people. No matter how tall or big you are, with a dimension of 210cm (height) x 90cm (length) most likely it will fit. If it doesn't - that's fine too. We will gladly refund you.

Can I reuse this bag?

Yes you may! Each bag can be used multiple times. However please be aware that after the first use, it will be harder to pack it.  

Is this replacement for sleeping bag?

No, it's not a replacement for a sleeping bag. Our Survival Bag™ is designed for emergencies however, it can be used as a sleeping bag when needed. 


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