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Emergency Sleeping Bag


A Must-have for Adventurers to Stay Safe in Case of an Emergency!

Ever wonder what you’d do if you got stranded in bad weather out hiking or on a road trip? Now you can be ready for life’s unexpected events and stay safe against any extreme situations with our Emergency Sleeping Bag. This survival sleeping bag offers full protection against rain, wind, and snow to keep you safe, dry, and warm no matter where you are.


  • STAY WARM & SAFE IN EXTREME CONDITIONS: Our emergency sleeping bag works like your emergency blanket, survival shelter, and sleeping place. It features a bright orange color that makes it more visible to rescuers. Whether you’re going out in the woods, trapped in a car with layers of snow above or simply need a safe and comfortable sleeping bag, you can count on this waterproof emergency bag every time.

  • WEATHER-RESISTANT MATERIAL: Designed for extreme conditions where no compromises are possible. An ultra-lightweight emergency sleeping bag is made of extra-thick nylon material with a tear and puncture-resistant coating. Perfect for emergencies while camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, backpacking, and many other outdoor adventures.

  • PROTECTION AGAINST RAIN, WIND, & SNOW: Waterproof bag with sealed seams, locking out harsh weather to cover and protect you in the worst conditions. Prevents ice and water from seeping in. The reflective interior keeps you warm by reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you.

  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It comes rolled up inside a durable waterproof stuff sack so you can store it nearly anywhere. Portable tool to prepare yourself in case you are stranded in the cold or under bad elements.