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Gun Matte Canvas


As veterans, soldiers, police officers, hunters, or even gun lovers, we must realize that firearm technology is very interesting. Seeing the progression of firearms through improvements in chemistry, metallurgy, metal-working, and other skills and looking at how the various types of firearm function are actually pretty darn cool.

Many firearms are works of art. A well-built AR-15 with all the accessories is as visually attractive as a brand-new luxury sedan with all the upgrades. A custom-built target handgun looks and operates like a high-performance sports car. A rugged hunting rifle or shotgun is as reliable and good-looking as an off-road vehicle—even splattered with mud. An old military-surplus bolt-action rifle or submachine gun is as sexy as a ’32 Ford coupe or a ’39 Packard Twelve. Guns look cool and they're fun to operate, same as a car or a yacht or an airplane.

Based on the actual and original patents of firearms (from a Colt Revolver to the Browning 1911 and from a Shotgun to an AR-15), Gun Patent Wall Art Prints allow you to have a piece of history in your Home, Office, Man Cave or Geek Den.

Various patent prints can be combined into sets of 3 or 6 and hang them in any places you wish to add an interesting touch. You can admire its beauty and convey your passion to everyone.



It is made of patents, archival paper, archival inks, card stock, acid-free paper, Museum quality art print, luster paper, blueprint, a smile.