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3-in-1 Camping Lantern-Flashlight

Stealth Black

Retractable Unique Design Built For Outdoor Activities. 🔦🏕️🔥

Brighten up the entire campsite with this 3-in-1 Camping LED Lantern-Flashlight which triples as a phone-charging station, LED, and flame light-illuminated device. Its portable and compact design allows it to be highly versatile in all environments.

It features 2 modes of light: white light and warm light, the warm light creates attractive flickering flames, which looks like a real flame. Besides, the white lightis not only an outdoor LED camping lantern but also a flashlight.


🏕️Advanced Retractable Design

Features 3 light modes that provide light illumination for the user. To switch between white and flaming light, retract or press the device up and down. To activate flashlight mode, fully retract from lantern mode, and bright light should come out on the bottom of the device.

🏕️High-Quality Durable Material

Made of high-quality ABS which is lightweight, compact, durable, shock-resistant,and water-resistant.

🏕️Phone Charging Station

It has a USB charging port which can be used to charge mobile phones, especially during an emergency.


Powered by solar energy or rechargeable batteries, simply leave it hanging 2-4 hours under direct exposure to sunlight and it is good to go again for the night,alternatively, it takes about 6-8 hours on full USB / Battery chargeuntil the light runs out.


IPx6 water-resistant,and perfectly functional in the most humid and moist environments.

🏕️Wide Application

Its many flexible and versatile features come in handy no matter the situation or environment, perfect for hikers, campers, hunters, fishers, or just outdoor enthusiasts in general.

🏕️Cold Breeze Everywhere

The newly added variation - Fan + Solar powered, add a decent-sized fan on top of the lantern, which gives the user a great cool down after a long hot weather hike session. Alternatively, it retains its previous featuressuch as the flashlight and solar panel.

🏕️Starry Light Party

Another newly added variation that brings joy and mood into the party, a light projector that shines colorful lights on top of the lantern to make sure a party goes on lively. Besides, it retains its previous featuressuch as the flashlight and solar panel too.

    Package Include:

    • 1x 3-in-1 Camping Lantern-Flashlight