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25LB Rating Gun Magnet for Desk Bed Under Table Car Free Anti Scratch Cover and Screws

25LB Rating Gun Magnet Concealed Gun Holder with Anti-Scratch Cap and Screws for Desk Bed Under Table Car


  • The absolute strongest and most durable on the market!
  • Measures 2.48 inch * 1.06 inch * 0.67 inch
  • Multiple magnets for better contact
  • Specialized polymer
  • Capable of supporting up to 25lbs
  • Strong enough that guns can be mounted perpendicular or parallel
  • Priced so that you can afford multiple units
  • Ideal for under a desk/coffee table and bed side mounting for when time is of the essence
  • Great for the home, office, car, garage, inside safe etc.
  • Made with neodymium magnets
  • Also known as rare earth magnets
  • The strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available
  • Incredibly resistant to demagnetization
  • Easily holds fully loaded Glocks, XDMs, .45s and almost anything else you can throw at it

Package Content:

  • 1 x Gun Magnet
  • 1 x Silicone Cap
  • 2 x Screws
DP-Magnet-1 DP-Magnet-2 DP-Magnet-3 DP-Magnet-4 DP-Magnet-5 DP-Magnet-6 DP-Magnet-7 DP-Magnet-8
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