About Us

Who we are*

Hello brothers and sisters struggling out there, we are Praise To Heaven. And we are here fighting with you. Praise To Heaven started out with me Kevin, an Asian-Vietnamese dude, Dave - the Black guy,Benjamín - the cool Mexican boy and Jess - Our Queen. As you have noticed, we come from the diversity groups which people define us as the odd-one-out. 

In the beginning just the four of us searched for a way to contribute a small portion of help in the battle fighting for equal rights. Therefore, Praise To Heaven is the fruit of our effort in making a change. And we take pride in being the first company to be founded by people coming from very unique identity.

As the result of our hard work, we have obtained a small team of 30 people located across Vietnam and United States. Who work day in and day out to implement our beliefs into practice. After years of operating, we still maintain the idea of diversity is not about the differences, it is about embracing uniqueness. Here at our place, the beauty of bonding between humans is conveyed in every product offered.

What we aim at*

Our mission is quite simple. It is to give a smile of happiness to our most beloved customer. In a world where love comes in various forms, we will be your representative and will be the messenger transferring your love to people. Moreover, we want to be your means of raising a voice against inequality. By creating wonderful pieces of art, we make an effort to break down the barrier of differences and misunderstandings. 

Let us be the meaningful unspoken word to convey your message to the world.

What makes us special*

As the message quoted above, we want to say that at Praise To Heaven, the belief of diversity equality is the purpose, the strength that empowers us to continue fighting in the battle of discrimination. Disregarding what color, sexual orientation, or culture you are, you are worthy of having all the best things in your life. 

The mindset is clear. 

Here at Praise To Heaven, the reason for working is far from being profitable. It is to make a significant impact on the present world with the gears we offer, the clothes we make. By implementing our value into the product made, we achieve our customers' happiness to their heart's content. 

We stand for world diversity. We stand for you.

What can you find here*

At Praise To Heaven, you can find personalized clothing and home decor in various themes regarding world diversity. We also have a specialized team of experienced graphic artists based in Vietnam that helps us create all our one-of-a-kind designs.  

Since its establishment, our ultimate goal is to bring the best experience to all our customers. 

Our products have good quality, great designs, great packaging, and all at an affordable price. Our team members have made a commitment to say NO to bad and average products. Because we care for our valuable customers and have the goods reached you in the most perfect shape.

We are happy to have you stop by our place, feel free to contact us anytime: 

Email: contact@praisetoheaven.com 


Company Number: 14312856

Head Office :24-26 Arcadia Avenue, Dephna House #105, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, N3 2JU.

US Address:  1321 Upland Dr. #10467, Houston, TX 77043

VN Customer Support Center: 59 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 70000

Support Time:Mon - Friday: 9AM-5PM EST


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