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January 28, 2021 2 min read

There are a lot of adjectives you can use to describe 2020. Like all the people who survived the 1929 stock market crash and the economic downturn that followed, the year 2020 will be written in. collective memory of 350 million Americans as of 1929.

Riot, plunder, the Abort and Awaken movement, COVID-19, the move to denominate criminal acts combined with the destructive police movement, led to a marked increase in gun sales.

Shooting, like all outdoor activities, is seeing a significant increase or do many people worry about the safety of their families? A bit of both?

Despite this, the federal background check system reported a staggering 19.1 million gun sales as of the end of November. The National Sports Organization reports that more than 7.5 million Buyers Among them are new gun owners.

Aside from this shows strong support for the Second Amendment, the impact on the street is the lack of arsenals and ammunition across the nation's retail stores. When the supply arrives in any store, the stock usually runs out on the day it is placed on the shelf.

Speculation on social media about the reason for the shortage is all over the map and like most social media news, it is false and is often designed to be deceptive.

The reality is that math is very simple. Twenty million guns sold - gun manufacturers couldn't keep up. If 7.5 million gun owners bought only two cartridges per person, then 15 million boxes were only for new gun owners - ammunition makers couldn't keep up.

Before gun and ammunition manufacturers spend substantial sums of money to increase production capacity, they must answer the question: "Will demand continue?"

With government gun seizures taking place in Washington, some cities subsequently withdrew their police departments and the decision of some district attorneys not to accuse residents of the growing list of misconduct. Offenders, most likely the need will continue.

These are the reasons why so many people in the arms and ammunition business are ramping up production.

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