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November 03, 2020 4 min read 1 Comment

What is the Best Conceal Carry Hoslter? - 2020

Finding a concealed carry holster  that suits your body and does not print through your clothing can be rugged. However, in some situations, a belly ring can provide more effortless, more comfortable concealment.

The Importance of a Proper Concealed Carry Holster

It should do a few things well to succeed. Here's a fast rundown of the numerous activities a well-concealed holster should master.


Your concealed carry holster must do more than just hold your sidearm. Additionally, it needs to possess that weapon securely. A good holster will fasten your weapon while you move about all the motions of your own day. With the suitable holster, you should not need to be concerned about your firearm falling from its place of concealment if you bend over, jog up the stairs, or reach for some spare change. Once you set your firearm in your holster, it should stay there until you remove it.


Security is the major reason most people choose to carry a firearm. You need to trust your sidearm may be used to safeguard you and those around you if you experience a severe threat. Guns are dangerous weapons and need to be treated with respect. Stuffing a firearm into a holster that does not help protect you from the gun is downright disgusting and reckless.

A well-concealed take holster will offer ample protection for your trigger to help avoid accidental release. The design should also allow you to draw on the weapon without snagging or engaging the trigger.

Guarding Your Firearm

While you count on your firearm to protect you, then you also need to be able to rely on your holster to protect your gun. A quality holster will safeguard your sidearm from weather, sweat, dirt, dust, and general wear and tear. The ideal holster can help ensure that your firearm works reliably should you ever want it in a genuine self-defense situation.

Access For Your Firearm

Your concealed carry holster should allow you easy access to a weapon, even in the event that you want to draw it from deep concealment. Although you want your holster to hold your firearm securely, it ought to come out fast when you need it. Too much retention can be equally as dangerous as too little. A fantastic holster will even help position your firearm in a manner that initiates a proper grip and a simple draw. This position will be different for different people.


Your concealed carry holster has to be comfy. Your gun will spend the majority of its time riding in your holster. If wearing that holster is uneasy, you will be much less inclined to wear it. Considering that a weapon on your person is better than you left at home, finding a concealed carry holster that isn't a pain to wear is critical to successful concealed carry.

What Makes a Great Concealed Carry Holster? 

Those of us who conceal carry expect a lot from our holsters. Along with the requirements we summarized previously, the right concealed carry holster will do the following:

  • Fit your handgun - The best-concealed carry holstersare made to match specific firearms. For security, you want your holster to satisfy your weapon such as a tactical glove. Avoid holsters that are created to accommodate a ton of different handgun versions. You don't need a holster that works somewhat well with a bunch of different weapons. You need one that works flawlessly with yours.
  • Be concealable - A concealed carry holster isn't likely to do you much good if it doesn't help you effectively conceal your weapon. In addition, you should think about your wardrobe options, your preferred carry place, and your own body structure to guarantee effective concealment. Want to put on a firearm t-shirt, then check out thoseshirts.com.

  • Fit your preferred carry position - Your holster should be set up to accommodate your preferred carry position. For instance, if you devote a lot of time sitting, then a holster set up for appendix carry could appear uncomfortable, especially for fat men (no offense). In this case, a paddle or IWB wore on the hip will most likely be less distracting, particularly when you're driving.
  • Enhances draw AND re-holstering - Your holster should allow you to efficiently obtain a battle grip and cleanly draw the weapon in the holster. The holster should also permit you to re-holster your weapon almost effortlessly whenever the threat was neutralized. A holster having a mouth that does not collapse after drawing will allow you to cleanly re-holster the weapon with one hand and without looking at the holster.


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Jeff Law
Jeff Law

February 27, 2021

I carry a Hellcat 9mm in your Black Dragon ankle holster and hardly realize it’s there, extremely comfortable holster! Thanks!!

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