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January 05, 2021 4 min read

First State Firearms knows that owning and using a firearm comes with plenty of responsibility. Firearm safety must be the number one priority together with almost any gun. We recommend following these four basic principles of firearm safety to keep you, your nearest and dearest, and others safe.

There are four basic and straightforward rules for firearm safety. As a gun owner, you have an obligation and dedication to understand these rules and abide by them. By practicing safe behaviors, injuries, accidents, or theft can be avoided.

Here are the four basic principles of firearm safety:

1. Assume Every Gun Is Loaded

Inspect the gun - even if it is unloaded - to ensure it to be clear prior to further handling it. Taking the necessary time to inspect a firearm can stop any mishandling and make sure there are no accidental discharges. If someone hands you a gun you're not familiar with, take the time to check and ensure it is unloaded. There's also nothing wrong with requesting a quick presentation of this safe and proper usage of a firearm before tackling it.

2. Never Point the Muzzle of a Gun at Anything You Don’t Want to Destroy

Being conscious of your environment is one of those essential facets of firearm safety. Before going or using a firearm, think about your environment and environment. Determine safe instructions which you may point your firearm in, and constantly keep it pointed in that direction. If you find yourself at a gun range, whether indoor or outside, do not be afraid of requesting a safe direction if you are unsure. A responsible gun owner will always keep their guns pointed in a safe way, whatever the situation.

3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until You Are Ready to Fire

Always strive to maintain your"trigger finger" off of the trigger till it is time to shoot a gun. Proper activate area is a superb ability to understand and is very crucial in maintaining a safe firearm. Even when holding a firearm, ensure your finger is kept at a straight position and rested together with the firearm's framework, not inside the trigger guard. Your finger must not go anywhere on the trigger during any action, like carrying, choosing up, loading, reloading, unloading, or setting your firearm down. Only when the time is right, and you are prepared to shoot the gun, should you put your finger on the trigger and pull on it.

4. Always Be Sure of Your Goal and What Lies Beyond It

As mentioned, a firearm operator should always be aware of their environment before shooting. You are responsible for all around you when shooting, including the areas around and behind your goal. Think about the size of your target and the angle at which you would like to shoot it. If a bullet goes through a target, where can it go? What might it strike? Most ranges will have some sort of bullet-safe berm, snare, or security zone behind the aims. If a goal doesn't have something like this behind it, don't take the shot. Always consider the possibility of your frog straying, ricocheting, or over penetrating unintended objects.

Additional Safety Tips

  • Have a gun safety course, especially as a first-time gun owner: This really is a superb gift to give a new, inexperienced gun owner.
  • Shop firearms and ammunition safely and securely: The goal of gun storage is always to prevent unauthorized persons away from having the ability to get your guns, especially in situations of theft or inquisitive children.
  • Regularly support your firearm: Like any mechanical device, a firearm is subject to wear over time. Bringing your gun to a specialist for cleaning, inspection, and modification will prolong its lifespan and lessen the odds of malfunctions.
  • Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting or cleaning a firearm: Hearing can be damaged by the shooting sound of firearms -- that are, after all, controlled explosions. Protective eyewear helps shield your eyes from forest debris, decreasing shot, clay target processors, and a possible firearm malfunction. Additionally, wearing eye protection when disassembling and cleaning any gun may also help prevent the possibility of any gun parts, such as springs, solvents, and other agents, by calling your eyes.
  • Take a first aid class and have a well-stocked first aid emergency kit: Like gun classes, understanding first aid plays a vital role in gun ownership security. Medical training for a gun owner can save a life. Accidents happen, and not being ready can have catastrophic effects.

You Are the Key to Firearm Safety

From learning how to properly use and shoot your firearm to following each of the basic firearm safety rules, owning a gun is a serious responsibility. Before heading into the shooting range, take some opportunity to assess these advocated rules from First State Firearms, and constantly strive to follow them.

Need Help with Your Gun Security Requirements?

First State Firearms and Accessories are fully equipped to help you take an active role in gun safety and injury prevention. We have everything from gun security courses into gun solutions into gun safes to keep you, your loved ones, and your firearms safe. Let one of our experts help you now!

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