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December 03, 2020 4 min read 2 Comments

Should you make a mistake or two with your concealed carry strategy, it isn't like carrying life or death consequences?

Top Concealed Carry Mistakes - Collected by Praise to Heaven

Read on to Be Sure You're preventing these top 3 concealed carry mistakes:

1. Not Using a Holster

Even to get a gun carried in a pocket or a handbag, a holster is NOT optional.
A Suitable holster will:
  • Safe your rifle
  • Maintain it correctly oriented and readily accessible
  • Take Care of the trigger.
  • Even if your rifle is unholstered in a "secure" carrier, it isn't safe.
Not having a holstered - a common concealed carry mistakes

Each of those three "lost" benefits from not using a holster can cause harm or death to you or somebody else.

Remember NFL celebrity Plaxico Burress? While taking out a pistol in his waistband, he underwent all three consequences of not using a holster. As his gun fell from place (loss of safety ), he desperately touched it as it slid down his trousers' leg (reduction of orientation) and was able to shoot himself in the leg in the process (loss of activating defense ).
We hear stories like this every day of people who have taken themselves in undesirable places while reaching for an unholstered gun in a purse, waistband or pocket. Always.

2. Carrying With an Empty Chamber

Top concealed carry mistake - collected by Praise to Heaven

It might look "safer," but it is actually the reverse...

At a self-indulgent encounter, you won't have spare time to carry out basic operations on your firearm, and you may not have an extra hand readily available to do so either.

And with a massive adrenaline dump in progress, you don't need to be fumbling around trying to load your pistol.

Maintain it chambered. Keep it holstered. Get a review by the pros when you download one of our most popular guides about the concealed carry lifestyle.
An unchambered gun is an unsafe weapon. Getting the ideal bases for concealed carry life is critical to becoming safe and effective.

Almost all of your hidden carry victory will actually result from avoiding having to use your weapon.

Consider this situation...

"You are standing in line at your local gas station. While waiting to pay, you feel that a gun pressed into the back of your mind. The man behind you shouts for everyone to get down because this is a robbery. Would just "having a gun" assist you?"

The answer is probably NOT. In reality, it may even harm you and the folks around you if things go south.

However, understanding how to identify what is happening around you, studying conflict de-escalation abilities as well as analyzing fundamental hand-to-hand self-defense are keys to a successful personal-defense strategy.

To be truly prepared, you MUST look at concealed carry via a comprehensive self-defense lifestyle lens.
There is no "magic bullet" to self-defense. Not even having a gun..

3. Not Using a Proper Holster

It is essential to use a quality-made custom holster from a reputable and proven manufacturer explicitly designed for your carry gun if you carry with a holster. I learned this lesson the hard way and now have 3 boxes of holsters.

Concealed Carry Holster for fat guys

When selecting a holster, FIRST ASK YOURSELF these 8 questions:

  • What GUN is going to be your primary concealed Every Day Carry (EDC) gun?
  • What METHOD of CC are you going to use primarily?
  • Do you want to have 2 or 3 CC methods and the best HOLSTER for each way of carrying?
  • Is In-the-Waistband (IWB), Outside-the-Waistband (OWB), or another going to be your primary CC method?
  • What “can’t live without” features do you PREFER in your CC holster?
  • What specific CRITERIA do you use for comparing holsters and then selecting your best CC holster?
  • How do you RANK in the importance of your preferences and criteria when evaluating any holster?
  • Where does COST fit into your CC objective and how much are you willing to spend to protect your life?

Yes, you can keep your gun in a nylon holster when it’s in the range bag, but use a quality, custom-fit holster for your carry gun. This applies to carry by any method, e.g., IWB, OWB, appendix, ankle, shoulder, pocket, small of back, fanny pack, day planner, purse, bra, etc. A holster or carry device custom made for your gun model will usually allow you to draw and secure your gun better, as well as help to make it more concealable and accessible.

  • A customized holster for your specific gun model will completely cover and protect the trigger from contact with outside objects, including your trigger finger.
  • A properly-designed holster made specifically for your gun will retain the gun until you intentionally draw it.
  • Do not expect a $15 holster on sale for $10 to provide a reliable and comfortable carry solution for your $700 carry a handgun. A very rough rule of thumb is to expect to spend about 10-15 percent of the cost of your handgun to purchase a reliable, safe, comfortable, and effective holster.
  • Proper IWB holsters are usually more concealable but also may be less comfortable. But they may also require a trouser and belt size adjustment to compensate for the added bulk.
  • An OWB holster is usually more comfortable but also usually more difficult to conceal. You can make your carry gun very concealable, but sometimes at the cost of much slower access and draw. Or you can have faster access and draw, but with less concealability, giving up a major tactical advantage—a very personal decision.

Check out Praise to Heaven’s blows for the Best Concealed Carry Holster.

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