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January 12, 2021 3 min read


#1 Glock 43  Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 6+1

The Glock 43 takes the top spot from the Smith & Wesson Shield, held the number 1 position for three decades.  The Glock 43 is simply such a reliable, rugged, and no-nonsense gun.  After all, it had been created and raised to served law enforcement and military requirements. As for me, I like the clean, sleek, and simple layout, full disclosure, it's what I carry. 

Even though this is the first season the Shield has not held the #1 place, 

#2 Smith & Wesson MP Shield Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 8+1

It isn't too shabby!  This rifle has been so hugely popular and will continue to be.  It's so slender, measuring less than an inch broad, making it simple to concealable with minimal bulge!  It has an excellent ability (8+1) for a more giant, single stack concealed carry gun. The grip a bit longer, making getting a good firing grip throughout the draw simpler than others. The slip is not as"buttery" as a few of the others. However, I tell you everything. Therefore many women love and swear by their Shields!  

#3 Glock 19 Caliber: 9mm  Capacity: 15+1

I love seeing this rifle in the top three.  We usually see the Glock 26 somewhere among the list, so I was somewhat surprised to see the 19 rises to such a high position and not have the G26 on the top 10 list at all.  The G19 is a pretty good-sized gun, and being a dual-stack having a power of 15 is impressive.   I think seeing more significant firearms on the list may demonstrate that as women's skill and confidence grow, they're more comfortable shooting and carrying more powerful guns.  Frankly, I wish more"manageable" double stacks as potential is a significant consideration.  After all, we want at least one more round than the poor guy, whatever that is!


#4 Sig Sauer P238 Caliber: .380  Capacity: 6+1

Always a routine on the list of women's favorites, the Sig P238 is small and very easy to hide.  It's famous for its very simple racking slide and easy trigger.  These will probably keep it in the Top 10 for many years to come together with the simple fact that they come in a rainbow of color choices.   Girls can't only discover a great gun they love to shoot but may find one that matches their aesthetic. 

The Sig P238 has been in the top 3 for the previous three decades.  This season it's moved down a place that it shares with all the new Smith & Wesson .380 EZ Shield.  This gun was just released last year, so it has found the right spot with girls.  These firearms have effortless and buttery slides, which is a notable feature as many women have trouble riding the slide. However, this is where the similarity ends as the EZ is a bit larger, and interestingly, there is a significant difference in the price of both of these firearms.  The P238 sells at $738, and the EZ Shield retails at $399.   

#5 Sig Sauer P365 Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 10+1

A big switch up with all the 9mm Sig Sauer models.  The P365 is just another new model only released last year and is a favorite choice with girls.  It was replaced with the Sig P938 and P320 that tied the  6thspot in 2017.  It's the excellent ability (10+1) for a single pile in a gun that is a little smaller in dimension compared to Glock 43. Formidable combination to beat.  Impressive.

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