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January 09, 2021 2 min read

Deciding on the right holster is a key portion of concealed carry. Don't be tricked into purchasing the coolest looking holster which works for your style. Your preferred holster must be comfortable, durable, convenient, and above all safe.

In this guide, we are going to have a better look at the iconic body holster, made famous by US cop shows and films over the past decades. However, body holsters aren't only for TV, they can be an extremely effective method of concealed carry, particularly if you're a jacket wearer.

If you want to find out more about concealed carry, read our novices hidden carry guide.


How do body holsters work for conceal carry?

There are two key advantages offered by body holsters: They permit easy access to your firearm: Instant accessibility is a core factor in concealed carry - no point having it if you can't achieve it in time! And, occasionally, concealment holsters, for example, IWB holsters can find a bit tight and you may end up having trouble drawing. That's where body holsters are convenient. Simply unzip/unbutton your jacket and you are ready to go!

It's also worth pointing out that unlike IWB or pocket carry, body carry allows you to easily draw out your weapon whilst sitting down. This can be particularly beneficial if you need to get into your firearm whilst driving a vehicle.

It's a lot simpler to be discreet: Gun 'prints' i.e. the visual printing of a holster which can be understood through your pants/shirt are a constant issue for hidden carriers. If like many Americans, you prefer slimmer clothing, it can be tricky to properly conceal your weapon. However, using a body holster, there's nothing to worry about. As long as the weather is cool and you'll be able to walk around all day with a jacket or coat without being conspicuous, subsequently, body holsters are the perfect way of concealment.

They work for long-barrelled weapons: naturally, body holsters are an ideal solution for compact firearms, however, you can also use them for Uzis, long-barrelled guns, and even machine guns. If you're intending to hide a long-barrelled pistol or UZI, then you may want to take into account a trench coat or thick jacket for supreme concealment.

Verdict: Why are body holsters a good procedure of concealed carry?

Well, it is different. Like most holster-related questions, there is no black and white yes/no answer. It depends on a range of variables, such as your everyday routine, dress sense, prestige, gun type, and many other facets. However, if the situation is right, you'll find body carry an extremely handy method, particularly if you need to take extra magazines or a handcuff pouch around with you. They do require extra training, but if you are intent on becoming a CCW practitioner, then it is something that you should consider investing in. Concealed carriers must be prepared for all kinds of possible environments and situations, so having that extra option is certainly worth it.

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