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November 10, 2020 3 min read 5 Comments

Running, hitting the gym or circuit training in public all carry risks -- and for a lot of individuals, leaving a firearm behind only is not an option. If that's you, these hints will help you concealed carry safely through just about any workout.

WARNING: Clearly, you should make sure that you're permitted to carry your firearm hidden wherever you choose to work out. If you're breaking up health plan or federal or state laws by carrying a gun, you could lose your membership or CCW permit and also end up in legal trouble.

If you're able to carry hidden while you sweat, then begin with these basic hints:

  • Place gun safety -- use a workout holster with Level II or Level III retention.
  • Wear longer shirts or looser clothing to avoid printing or exposing your firearm when you move.
  • Think about downsizing your firearm.
  • Find the Ideal type of holster for the assortment of motion you want.

Dive deeper into these strategies and much more below.


Carrying while you work out is easier -- and simpler -- if you are wearing the right clothing. Deciding on a lengthier undershirt that could hide your firearm when you are hitting, bending and moving, you can refrain from letting others know you're carrying by wearing a baggy workout shirt, too.


The gun you generally carry could be a bit too big for your britches when exercising -- literally. The purpose of concealed carry is to maintain your firearm concealed, but if you're toting a .44 Magnum, it is going to be challenging to hide. It may be worth switching to something using a slimmer, less bulky profile.


Choosing a workout holster that works for you depends on how you exercise and what you wear. For most functions, a shoulder holster -- excellent for training while armed forces -- or a belly holster will permit you to carry safely. A body gun holster is a fantastic pick if you're training in uniform, given that your uniform has the ideal pockets.

Workout Holster Hack: If you're exercising using a body holster, it is possible to easily switch from Belly into Shoulder style or vice versa by eliminating or reattach the shoulder strap to the holster. Based on your demand and also your comfortableness.

Safety Tips for Concealed Carry During Workouts

  • Don’t clip your holster on gym shorts or yoga pants. They are not made to support the weight of a gun, which may pose a safety hazard for you and the folks around you.
  • Save the bathtub for at home, so you don't have to store your firearm at a gym and shed positive control over it.
  • Exercise in your workout clothes in private prior to public training to ensure your workout clothes do not slow down your lure speed.
  • Remain alert -- there's a reason you're taking at the gym or while exercising outdoors, and you want to be aware of everything around you.

If you're likely to concealed carry when you work out, the ideal clothing and downsizing your gun can provide help. Because your security may depend on your own firearm, it pays to practice drawing while you are wearing your fitness equipment. Now you know how to carry hidden at the gym. It is safe and legal to do this on a run or anywhere else. You may always stay protected as you twist up.

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February 22, 2021

The Praetorian Holster is great with a business suit also. Put on a vest and it’s completely hidden, leave a couple of buttons undone and you have easy access . It works well and is comfortable while I’m preaching.

When in the Wrangler jeans, a leather vest does it’s job too.

In Christ and Happy,

Pastor Sutton, Wm
Col 2:6

The 3” safety pen guarantees it staying in place if the Velcro fails. Thanks for the replacement holster you sent.

yourall idiots
yourall idiots

December 05, 2020

is this website just for antifa snowflakes who play xbox all day and then think they are hardcore?
that’s it isn’t it? come on, say it….I’m sure this kind of walmart garbage gear is huge in portland.

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