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November 22, 2020 3 min read

How does election certification work in the US in 2020?

WASHINGTON: In Ordinary Times, the certificate of election results is a routine process that does not get much attention. But these are not normal times.

As part of an ongoing series of attacks on the integrity of this election, President Donald Trump and his Republican allies are attempting to stop the formal certification of outcomes in a few of the nations where he dropped - mostly by making unsubstantiated claims of fraud.

While most of their legal claims have failed, a high-profile Incident in Michigan's largest county this week shows how easily the procedure May get sidetracked.


Following an election, local officials count ballots, review the tallies to make Sure that they meet the votes cast, and assess that people who cast provisional Ballots because of some difficulty at the polls did so lawfully.

The Regional elections office then sends the final results to a board for certification. Such boards are usually bipartisan, their associates either Barring a clear problem with the Count that could alter the effect of the election, the board subsequently approves the Vote tallies before sending them into the state for final certification. That's Usually done by means of a state canvassing board, the secretary of a small Group which may incorporate the governor and other state officials.

From there, national law requires governors to prepare official certifications to Report the popular vote within their own states. These documents are usually signed by The governors and has to carry the seal of this nation. A copy is sent to the Archivist of the United States.


In an extraordinary move Tuesday night, two Republican members on Michigan's - then abruptly reversed course amid heavy criticism.

Explaining the vote, a Republican member of the Wayne County board said The number of absentee ballots cast didn't match voter records in the Majority-Black city of Detroit.

But a Democrat about the board noted the issues were caused by regular "human error," and the Republican's claim brought complaints of racism From Democrats and election experts who also noted that there has been no sign of widespread voting fraud in Michigan or elsewhere.

And the results weren't even close: President-elect Joe Biden beat Trump at Wayne County with a Greater than 2-to-1 gross income and won Michigan by 146,000 votes, according to unofficial results.


Even though the Wayne County votes were certified in the Long Run, the incident is Likely to cast more doubt about the election's legitimacy among Trump's supporters. Additionally, it can help galvanize Republicans elsewhere to look for ways To postpone making Biden's success official. 

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