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October 23, 2020 4 min read

Concealed Carry Holsters For Fat Guys

Husky? A bit pleasantly plump?

You can call it whatever you wish but a few people are carrying over just a concealed pistol in our waistline. And for people who have a bit extra around the waist, occasionally an inside the waistband concealed carry holstercould be a bit uncomfortable.

In this article, we'll go over some concealed carry techniques and positioning that are helpful for us huskier gentlemen.

Inside The Waistband Concealed Carry For Your Extra Jovial

An inside the waistband concealed carry holster with high retention and a good trigger guard is worth it. Even though some prefer to visit a shoulder holster or an outside the waistband holster, IWB holsters provide the very best concealability.

Unfortunately, some carriage fashions may not work depending on the waist supply. An important consideration is sitting and standing. When an IWB holster configuration doesn't work for you while seated, it's not likely to work.


What Holster Position is ideal for larger men?

Two O'Clock Truffle Shuffle

We always recommend starting at 2 o'clock because there's a natural valley between front girth and also the love handles. This valley could be taken advantage of by placing your IWB concealed carry holster inside. Not only is it highly concealable, it's adaptable for sitting and standing.

Obviously, if you are carrying left-handed, 2 o'clock becomes 10 o'clock.

An appendix carry holster has a lower profile than a normal classic IWB holster, which may improve comfort at the two o'clock position if it's a smaller footprint.
It's about balancing comfort with usefulness, and a lightweight holster within this place won't be as noticeable.

A adequate alternative to 2 o'clock is 5 o'clock (or 7 o'clock for lefties). This is right behind the love handle and is fairly comfortable and accessible. For those with back issues and drive long hours, this can find a little tiresome but for people that are walking about a lot and just push casual hours (commuting to/from work), this will do the job.

When In Doubt - 3 O'Clock Rock It

The sole difficulty with 3 o'clock is it is not too concealable even for a normally proportional individual. An inside the waistband concealed carry holster will necessarily jut out at least an inch or 2 out of the waist. Most people should not notice and it is truly a fantastic place to grip your pistol and draw -- it's just unfortunate that in terms of concealability, it's not always the best move. However, when in doubt -- that is a position that is usually comfortable for standing and sitting.



Appendix Take For Chubby Guys: Taming The Tactical Muffin Top

Thus, you're wondering if appendix carry for chubby guys is viable? If you are carrying a tactical muffin top, the solution is...

It depends.

Appendix carry with an appendix carry holster either works for a person or it doesn't. The lynch pin in the enterprise is where your gun rides.

So, what makes appendix take tenable for many folks is whether the holster and pistol interfere with your hips hinging. If you can wear an appendix holster and bend over or squat with no rifle sticking in your craw. . .you're good to go. If it does, then appendix carry isn't for you.

To put it differently, if you have a relatively high all-natural waist - meaning that your trousers obviously set near your belly button rather than your buttocks - then you're suited to appendix carry. If your jeans ride a little lower, then no. However, what about the gun and holster protruding out as a result of a spare tire? This is the point where a little strategic positioning can do wonders.

The standard trick is to maneuver the holster closer to the front trousers pocket rather than the button/tab. The main reason is the rounded edge of the stomach will help camouflage the bulge of the holster.

This way. . .the one bulge helps cover the other. Place it right and you'll have no problem with the draw, either. So. . .it's completely possible! IF, but you are suited for this, which comes down mostly to your particular shape and proportions.



Holster Comfort and Printing

If you live in a place that is incredibly prohibitive about printing, make certain to check out our other posts which discuss various ways to avoid printing or becoming seen.

Regardless of what size you're - an inside the waistband holster with a backpad should help distribute some of the pressure from carrying a firearm on your trousers. Notably while carrying in the warmer months or whether you are stuck in a hot environment -- get an inside the waistband holster with neoprene backing. That will wick away sweat considerably easier than leather which may follow the skin.


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