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December 30, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

You're able to run in most of the ankle holsters - that's if you're gloomy with excruciating pain from the bones, your epidermis becoming rubbed raw, or even perhaps losing the weapon.

So let us be more specific with this query:

Is there an ankle holster you may run in that can safely keep the firearm with zero concern for distress or instability?

The easy response is "yes" again -- however that can only be seen via a new revolutionary method of ankle holstering named Praise To Heaven Black Dragon Ankle Holster.

Praise To Heaven Black Dragon Ankle Holster was engineered and developed to tackle a widespread requirement in law enforcement to get a backup and concealable lower leg holstering system. These scenarios involve not just running, but also quite intense abrupt & forceful motions such as leaping, kicking, fighting, scaling walls, etc... These motions have to be run without hesitation and complete confidence that you won't lose your rifle.

Ankle holsters do not have a dreadful reputation by injury. Yes, the pricey "custom" ones. Losing your rifle at a foot pursuit may & has occurred. Criminals hoping to take the gun off may possibly occur. Probably worse, the officer does not wear a backup gun, and also the worse case situation could occur. None of us need that. Coaching helps stop all of this.

Some of the properties of Praise To Heaven Black Dragon Ankle Holster

1. A combination of practicality & comfort: Black Dragon Ankle Holster allows you to be prepared for unexpected or especially disadvantaged situations.  

2. A hundred percent comfortable: Kydex, Belly or chest holsters may sometimes make you feel uncomfortable if you carry it all day. Carrying your ankle can give you much more freedom and comfort but still be 100% prepared. 

3. Adjustable and Universal: Black Dragon Ankle Holster works with several types of guns and other tactical gears such as knives, mags, phones or flashlights. It can also be used for training. 

4. Fastest-drawing Ankle holster: Black Dragon Ankle Holster is designed to make sure that you can draw the gun right when you reach your ankle.

5. 100% Concealed: Black Dragon Ankle holster's anti-slip design + high-quality neoprene sticky material ensures that your gun stays 100% concealed & unnoticed even when you run, jump or crawl.  

1 Response

Bill Estes
Bill Estes

January 14, 2021

I bought 2 of the ankle holster. I like them fine. But the Velcro isn’t strong enough.

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