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February 04, 2021 2 min read

Concealed carry, as you know, is the practice of carrying a gun/weapon in public in a hiding method – and preferably so people can’t see it. There are one of the best ways to concealed carry, is in an ankle holster.

Ankle holsters are designed for typical groups. Ex: If you sit usually all day, a waistband holster would be uncomfortable to wear. If you are not frequently wearing a shirt and jacket, a shoulder holster won't a good option for concealed carry.

Also, many gun owners choose to ankle holster just to have a backup concealed carry. In all of these situations, and ankle holster would be the best selection. The biggest issue with ankle holsters is that they limit the type of your guns, as the space on your ankle is limited.

Why Ankle Carry?

First, a holster for the ankle allows you to have a backup weapon. Even if you carry a weapon on a belt or in a shoulder holster, having more weapons can only help. Assuming your primary weapon becomes useless or you are disarmed? Having one more concealed weapon can make a difference in a life or death situation.

Second, as mentioned before, if you regularly sit in one seat, the ankle holster will be easier to pick up. Many people who regularly sit in cars choose to use an ankle holster because it is the easiest thing to remove when sitting. 

Finally, the ankle holster is a great option if a gun belt or a shoulder holster isn't a viable option, as a formal events.

How to Draw From Your Ankle Holster

If you choose an ankle holster, there are a few things you need to know about drawing. 

First, you should know the ideal location to place the holster. The holster should be placed on the non-dominant side for easy access. For example, if you are right-handed, your ankle holster will be worn on the inside of your left leg.

Second, easily pull out from the ankle holster when you're in a sitting position. Ideally, reaching for the gun quickly pulls up your pant leg to reach the gun with your dominant hand.

However, this method does not work if you find yourself in a standing position when you need to approach your weapon. If you're standing when it's time to draw your weapon, the easiest thing to do is to get on your knees. Once you are on your knees, you can easily move the trouser leg to get your weapon.

Here is a list of steps to follow when you need to pull out your weapon from the ankle holster: (these steps are depicted as if you were standing)

  • Use your non-dominant hand to pull up the pant leg
  • Get back with your dominant leg and bend your knees to touch the ground
  • While bending, remember to keep your back and head held high to observe your surroundings
  • Use your dominant hand to grip your weapon securely and remove it from the holster
  • Stand up off the ground and place your non-dominant hand on your weapon for a secure, two-handed grip

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