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November 20, 2020 4 min read

What are the must-have requirements for A Concealed Carry Shirt?

On the lookout for a concealed carry shirt? The fantastic thing is that virtually any shirt will operate if it's the correct attributes.

Granted, that doesn't mean you should not buy a great concealed carry shirt if you want one!

That said, you want to ensure a concealed carry shirt will function in the role it is meant to be utilized for. While it's not always difficult to discover, it is also the case that you need it to operate or else you'll need to find one that does.

And what are the things a concealed carry shirt has to do?

A Concealed Carry Shirt Must Be Loose Enough To Cover Your Gun And Holster

Praise to Heaven Belly Holster

The primary job of a concealed carry shirt is concealment. Therefore, it has to be loose enough to drape over your gun and holster without printing. 

Therefore, it has to be loose enough to drape over your rifle and holster minus printing.

It isn't terrifically complicated, but a top either curtains properly or it does not. If it does not, it is not a very good concealed carry top notch.

At the minimum, start looking for a roomy fit. It does not have to be billowing or tight. It merely has to have a bit of room inside it to the top to drape across the gun, the holster, and on you for effective concealment.

A Concealed Carry Shirt Shouldn't Be Out Of Place

Concealed Carry Belly Holster

If you were to, say, wear a GLOCK t-shirt to an office job with a small, boutique marketing company...it's probably going to look out of place. A buttoned-up flannel shirt in the middle of summer in Tucson, Ariz., is going to look out of place.

You don't need to shout "I am concealed carrying" in case you can help it.

To put it differently, you want to select a cover garment that's not likely to draw the kind of attention you don't wish to draw the surroundings you're going to be in.

In the office environment, something like a button-up or even a two-piece top is a great pick. A t-shirt might be dressing a little too much. Some dresses might be too formal for everyday wear.

In other words, you would like to pick concealed carry clothing that fits right into the way you already dress to begin with.

You Should Want To Wear Your Concealed Carry Shirt

Black Dragon Belly Holster

There's no great reason to, and thus don't.

You ought to be able to wear a shirt and feel good inside. There is no reason to put on a shirt that does not feel good to you unless it is something you're wearing just for a formal event and just for just a small while.

It's also advisable to like it.

If a shirt doesn't look good to you, you should not wear it! When it is not something you would wear differently, then don't get it.

Dressing for concealed carry only means using clothing that enables you to more easily conceal and carry your handgun, which just means choosing a style of dress that permits the gun and holster to be covered. It does not mean that you have to dress in a manner you despise.

So be sure that you pick a concealed carry shirt that fits with how you typically dress or might like to dress.

You Need To Be Able To Easily Clear Cover And Access The Gun

Belly Holster for concealed carry

The most important functional aspect of a concealed carry shirt is clearing the cover garment or accessing the gun. If the shirt makes this more difficult, then it's not a great concealed carry top.

Granted, this could partially be a training issue. Clearing cover to get onto the rifle is something that you need to practice; if you do not practice, it is going to be harder than it would be if you do.

But it is also a top that fits too tight or makes the draw sequence harder than other shirts do...is a bad concealed carry top. A roomy fit is also beneficial in this regard, since you'll be able to grip and move the garment from the way.

If you're carrying on the body but off the midsection -- such as with a belly band or a hidden carry corset -- the best thing to do is select a concealed carry shirt with a false pocket.

A fictitious pocket opens directly onto the corset or belly band. It can also work for appendix carry.

If carrying within an IWB or OWB holster, then you need to have the ability to acquire the garment out of the way and get a shooting grip on the pistol.

And whatever concealed carry shirt you get...train with it. You need to train together with the gear you will carry daily or, since the coaching business likes to say, train how you will fight.

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